Ancient Wisdom, Embodied Compassion.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the practice of meditation from the tradition of Taoism.

Unlike other styles of meditation, Qigong places great emphasis on awareness of the energy system for the human being, this will engage your mind and body, and ignite your heart. Qigong is the language of energy, it will awaken your senses.

A vital passion

Qigong will give you that vital passion for self-learning and realization. 

In the tradition of Qigong, awareness of the energy system (a map of the Cosmos) is “The Way” for a being becoming. You will learn who it is that you really are.

Training is both progressive and highly functional in the establishment of a healthy lifestyle.


The Science behind Qigong meditation is remarkably simple: lower your breathing rate, trigger the bodies natural healing systems—you will rest, repair and rejuvenate.

Emerging from meditation you find yourself energized, focused and better able to complete the real tasks of life.

Learning process

Our progressive teaching approach is based on mastery of meditation, our comprehensive training program works for you.

The Difference

We believe in meditation for fortification

Inner Path Qigong delivers the most efficient learning process for Qigong meditation—we utilize the four pillars of health: meditation, diet, exercise and quality of sleep.

Our School

Our School is a dynamic and action based School, employing the kinesthetic tools of movement and meditation as a comprehensive method for learning the middle ground of that inner path to self-discovery, Qigong.

Qigong has a history that stretches back millennia, we are fortunate to enjoy the refined learning resources from the ancient tradition of spiritual wisdom.

Specializing in authentic teaching, we deliver the greatest tools for personal evolution and the establishment of a lifestyle based on inner nature.

The language of life-force

Learn the language that mobilizes life-force toward higher consciousness.

The Future

Learn to develop a healthy stress response. Our training will teach you how to increase personal integrity and initiate movement toward inner peace. You will develop good faith in contemplation, and open yourself to the avenue for re-alignment with nature.

Your success is guaranteed by the robust structure of our program.

“Stephen Joffe has created a unique integration of Qigong based on the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. His powerful combination of Weidan and Neidan practice, delivers a most comprehensive training experience.”

-James MacRitchie, Global Qi Project

Inner Path Qigong Program

Meditation 1
The Smile Down

This gentle, seated and closed eyed meditation, teaches one how to soften into the organs and establish the mind body connection. Practice leads one to an organic awareness, or physical experience of the five elements of Chi.

Meditation 2
The Six Healing Sounds

In this practice we learn to utilize relaxed, accurate physical movements and sounding through the organs. Sound is a vector (targeted energy) that creates resonance for the essential flow of Chi, initiating the release of excessive, blocked or stagnant energy. The meditation enhances energetic awareness and will increase your quality of sleep.

Meditation 3
The Immaculate Backbone

As an advanced meditation, this is the most powerful meditation a person can learn—it is a meditation that teaches each individual to recognize their own unique timing.

In Qigong it is understood that each person enters and will leave life, at a specific point and place in time. The meditation teaches that the key to life, is in the ability to hold center and maintain recognition of your unique timing in life.

Meditative practice becomes that most excellent tool, allowing the fulfillment that comes with the skillful positioning of your energy, in the living of a genuine life.

Meditation 4
The Shield

At this most advanced stage of training one learns to develop the critical ability of body energy pattern recognition. Learning to hold center in an even more powerful way, your entire being will enter into resonance and automatically hold to the realization of correct intention.

Initiating the process of growth and exchanges, our intelligence is guided toward and learns to anchor itself in the many healthy relationships, that await us on the path of life.

The meditation as a qigong practice, provides a vital tool for the protection and preservation of your life-force.

“I am very grateful to have been exposed to Qigong, prior to learning with Stephen I felt a little lost. Within a season of training everything changed, I now have great direction in my life and find myself accomplishing challenging tasks with excellent focus.”

– Nicholas Sapsin, University Student

“Qigong with Sifu Joffe gives us a crystal clear view of the obstacles we face within ourselves in becoming real human beings!”

-Rocco D’Ordine

Our Teacher

Stephen Joffe
Founder of Inner Path Qigong.

Stephen Joffe is a practitioner and teacher of 52 years in Kung Fu Qigong. Kung Fu is the work of consciousness or awareness of the field of Chi on Earth which allows a person to cultivate life-force and attain their truth in life, their Tao. 
Tao can be literally interpreted as a path, but more importantly it is one’s personal alignment with the forces of Nature, which are subject to the great cosmic impulses. Qigong, encompassing the practices of Taoist meditation, is thus not only the most efficient way to healing, health, and longevity—a skill-based and intelligent existence—but a sacred and comprehensive Cosmological Pathway.
Stephen teaches correspondence with The Universal Law of The Five Elements, and confluence with the field of Chi through The Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which he calls the Subtle Flows. His is the only school on Earth teaching Qigong with such an approach: a clinical precision combined with a reverent appreciation for the passage of the seasons and the beauty of the universe. 
Coming into concordance with the principle of Chi, which is YinYang, or more simply, Change, you will attain conscious control of your life-force and enter into harmony with all beings. Improving your relationship with self and others, you will move beyond the relative dimensions of self and learn to lean on the absolute dimensions of self—the interconnected energy systems of the human body and the cosmos. This will increase your awareness of the light within, the wisdom that lies at the center of your being. 
This is the lineage in which Stephen teaches, the lineage of light: Shen Ming.


“From the Desk of The Master”

Join our Inner Path Qigong training group.

The Qigong training program runs every year from Halloween through Spring Equinox.

Having accomplished yourself in seated meditation, you will be invited to participate in our outdoors movement based meditation.

Lessons emphasize seated meditation on Tao, they include esoteric readings, mapping of the human energy system and guided practice.

Our Boulder based School offers in-person training, a written application for entry into any of our training programs is required.

Remote training is also available, this means, wherever you live in the World, we can bring you the education, you need.

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Embark on a tailored, one-on-one learning program with Stephen Joffe.

Try an initial consultation to determine a program that meets requirements. Remote training is available.

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Teacher Training

Our clinical approach to teaching makes for a method of unsurpassed sophistication.

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“Stephen Joffe’s Qigong training program is an incredibly powerful method of translating long-established  Taoist meditation practices into practical modern-day tools. I find myself using these every day across all my interactions in the world.”

– Angus Shee, CEO Dear Local